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Work whenever and wherever you want join the new generation of freelancers

Experience the freedom to work on exciting projects, earn more, and work around YOUR schedule.

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The Ultimate Guide to Freelancing:

  • Comprehensive lessons on No-code Web Development
  • Learn the power of personal freelance branding
  • Learn how to find Clients both Online and Offline
  • SEO, Google Ads and other Digital Marketing skills
  • You will learn how to build Upwork profile together
  • Reviewing many different Client Situation we can be in and how to handle them

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testimonial for freelance bootcamp
testimonial for freelance bootcamp
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Why Choose

Turn more pitches into projects with a strong portfolio

Your best pitch is always your best past work. We teach you to show instead of tell by using strong portfolio samples. Get the best possible samples in the least amount of time so that more of your pitches turn into projects.

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Our Freelance Web & Digital Marketing course is the perfect way to get started.

Learn in-demand, recession-proof online skills to earn £1,000/m extra

  • Week 1-2Comprehensive lessons on how to build a website with a No-code tool, Webflow. With weekly projects & homework.
  • Week 3-4Freelancing 101. How to find clients, price your projects & market yourself.

    Shopify & Ecommerce. How to build a live E-commerce website using Shopify.
  • Week 5-6SEO (Search Engine Optimization). How to get a website ranking on Google.

    A full guide on Paid ads (Google & Meta Ads).
  • Week 7Projects & portfolio week. 1-1 support with your projects and portfolio.

    This final project week gives you an opportunity to showcase your skills, knowledge, and expertise web & digital marketing.
  • Post-courseFreelance Beginners Bundle. Free access to templates, checklists & a comprehensive guide to Upwork .

    By the end of the course, you will be have 3 projects and a portfolio, ready to secure your first paying client.

    Access to the recordings & Discord community will also be available forever.
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Coming back June 22nd
  • Course Level Beginner
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