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Python CoderLineAges 9-12

Learn to Code with our Python Course for Kids

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Python is a popular coding language that has a minimal and easy-to-read style. It’s moving fast up the rankings of the most popular languages! In this popular Python camp, we will teach your child to code, edit and problem-solve in a structured and methodical manner.

Once your child has mastered how code is structured, they will learn to implement core programming constructs through fun, practical exercises and projects resulting in their ability to create Python projects with confidence!

When and Where

Tuesday 24th October

  • Tuesdays and Saturdays - 6-8pm
  • Online, virtual classes

What your child will learn

Beginner to Intermediate

Pre-requisites: None

  • Outputs
  • Inputs & Variables
  • Data Types & Maths
  • More Maths
  • Selection (IF Statements)
  • Multiple Selections (ELIF Statements)
  • For Loops (Interation 1)
  • While Loops (Interation 2)
  • Validations & Error Handling
  • Data Structures (1D Lists)
  • Data Structures (2D Lists)
  • String Methods
  • File Handling
  • Procedures
  • Functions & Parameter Passing
  • Students will develop their own games & apps, using the same tools and techniques used by professional tech studios.

    Here is an example of what they will build by week 4

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  • Start: Tuesday 24th October
  • Course Level Kids ages 9-14
  • Duration 4 hours/week
  • Days Tuesdays & Thursdays
  • Location Online
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